At the end of January – 2016, LIVE365 will shut it doors. Latch Music Radio will be off the air. The small webcaster options were not renewed this past December. To continue to promote Jazz Rock World Fusion on Latch Music Radio becomes too expensive without the small webcaster provisions. Thanks for all the support for the last 13 years. I really appreciate all the music sent to me to be played and the people I have met around the world because of Latch Music Radio.

Weekly Jazz Rock World Fusion Streaming Latch Music Radio  Top 20 ending 10-17-14. Voted on by the people who listen to Latch Music Radio .

#20. Wojtek Pilichowski – Time for S – Wojtek Pilichowski

#19. Return to Forever – Theme to the Mothership – Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy

#18. Return to Forever – Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant – Returns

#17. Rick Kostelijk Project – High Hopes – Compass

#16. Rick Kostelijk Project – View to a Secret – Compass

#15. Stanley Clarke – Silly Putty – Journey to Love

#14. Stanley Clarke – Lopsy Lu – Stanley Clarke

#13. Tribal Tech – Corn Butter – Tribal Tech X

#12. Virgil Donati – The Empire – In This Life

#11 Weather Report – Between the Thighs – Tale Spinnin’

#10. Wojtek Pilichowski – Time for S – Wojtek Pilichowski

#9. Wojtek Pilichowski Band – Profilaxe (Bass Talk) – Koncert Na Zamku Kliczkow

#8. The Zawinul Syndicate – And So It Goes – Black Water

#7. Tribal Tech – Gravity – Tribal Tech X

#6. Miles Davis – Jean Pierre (Album Version) – We Want Miles

#5. Scott Henderson – The Necessary Blonde – Primal Tracks

#4. Therhythmisodd – Silver Body Angels – Silver body angels

#3. Marc Guillermont – Ory 107 – The space animals

#2. Bill Bruford – Beelzebub [Instrumental] – Feels Good to Me

#1. Jeff Sipe – Atlas Shrugged – Timeless

You can catch Latch Music Radio 24 / 7 @Live365 where you can listen to or broadcast your own internet radio. Very Good Fun.

Fusion For All!

Dave Latchaw