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Welcome to Latch Music - Fusion For All!

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*  I am keyboardist Dave Latchaw. I spend most of my time as an independent recording artist, music educator, student, and fan of the fusing of jazz, rock, world, and classical music. Latch Music is where I promote my solo piano and keyboard CD's, mp3's, free streaming internet radio @Live365, podcasts, music blog, check out my site map for even more music stuff.

* I will have the honor to perform and teach at the Rockowe Ogródki Festival in Plock, Poland July 14-18 2014.

Special Thanks to Sweetwater

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*  Listen to my music @ Reverbnation.

Enjoy the solo piano recordings of "Reflections", "Looking In" and "Looking Out" the world fusion of "Glencoe", the jazz, rock, and electronica blend of "Jazztronica", and the electronic world beat sounds of "Enhance My Trance". Visit my Solo Piano and Keyboard Recordings page for more details about each of my CDs.

* More Links about The Rockowe Ogródki Festival in Plock, Poland


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While listening to Latch Music Radio you can have a look at Latch Music Blog, Latch Music News Central, or The Zine Archives". There you'll find various articles from me and others about music, music bizz, interviews with guest artists, recommendations of great web sites and videos, and more!

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