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I am musician Dave Latchaw. I spend most of my time as an independent recording artist, music educator, performer, student, and fan of the fusion of Jazz - Hip Hop - Funk - Rock - World music. Latch Music is where I promote my solo piano and keyboard music, performances, gigs, podcasts, music education and lessons.

For the past few months, I have been doing a weekly podcast for www.radiomixx.pl. Checkout RadioMixx on FaceBook. It has been great fun and they let me play anything I want. Very cool of them.  \m/  I don't talk much but try to feature music I find important or am currently listening to, from the Jazz Rock World Prog Fusion genres.

Here are the first 12 episodes of the Dave Latchaw Show:

Episode #1 Allan Holdsworth / Live - Then!

Episode #2 Joe Zawinul / Absolute Ensemble

Episode #3 King Crimson / Thrak

Episode #4 John McLaughlin / Floating Point - Industrial Zen

Episode #5 Peter Gabriel / New Blood

At the end of January - 2016, LIVE365 shut its doors. Latch Music Radio will be off the air. The small webcaster options were not renewed this past December. To continue to promote Jazz Rock World Fusion on Latch Music Radio becomes too expensive without the small webcaster provisions. Thank you for all the support the last 13 years. I really appreciate all the music sent to me to be played and the people I have met around the world because of Latch Music Radio.

Dave Latchaw Keyboardist – Music Photo Art

Dave Latchaw - Music Photo Art

Dave Latchaw - Jazz Rock Funk Hip Hop World Fusion - Keyboard Piano Musician Teacher - Solo Piano

Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra @ The Embassy Theatre | Down The Line 9

Dave Latchaw - Keyboards with the Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra.